Our Mission is to bridges the gap between poor to rich, unhealthy to Health, footpath to shelter, surviving to happiness, unemployed to employment to continue the aims our great forbears which have sacrificed for its.


Our Vision is very clear that is nation Serve by making Equality and justice in terms of food, cloths, shelter, , education, justice, health & wealth disaster to achievement and all belongs to our human rights according Indian Constitution. Always ready to protect by the national

1. Social Justice and Equity: We will work as NGOs to promote equality, dignity and more just society, especially with regard to the poor and marginalised.

2. Gender and diversity: We recognise the need for our work to reflect and promote respect for gender and diversity issues.

3. Autonomy: We must ensure that we strive for and safeguard the rights to existence and independence of people at all times.

5. Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable to the highest level of ethical behaviour and responsibility for our actions, while maintaining integrity in our performance and advocating for same in public institutions.

6. Self-Sufficiency: As a foundation, we strive and work towards sustainable development outcomes within the NGO sector.

7. Work with Government: We will work without fear to criticize.