End child hunger, Start sharing

Food that is nutritious is a safety net for all of the children who will make up this country’s future generation. According to the Global Hunger Index (2019), India has been falling in rank year after year, and is now ranked 102 out of 117 countries in 2019. This translates to more Indians going to bed hungry, exacerbating the alarming situation created by the pandemic. The Manas Sewa Sankalp Parivar Foundation not only focuses on children’s education, but also on providing them with proper nutrition.

Children are fed a midday meal at school, but is this sufficient for proper nutrition? As in previous years, millions of children who relied on mid-day meals as their only source of a nutritious meal for the day have been facing starvation as schools have been closed. So, what does this imply for us as a nation? Are we going to continue to ignore our children and adults who have had a healthy childhood and adulthood?

Malnutrition claims the lives of 8,500 children every day around the world. The reasons for this are numerous. Some families are unable to purchase food due to financial constraints. Other areas lack safe roadways or are afflicted by war, making it difficult to transport food there. Unemployment, social unrest, and even climate change are among the other factors.

Let us stand up for those who do not have the same opportunities that our children do. Let children grow up to see the future. Put an end to child hunger today for a better tomorrow.

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