Our Mission is to bridge the gap between poor to rich, unhealthy to Health, footpath to shelter, surviving to happiness, unemployed to employment to continue the aims our great forbears which have sacrificed for its. 


Our Vision is very clear that is nation Serve by making Equality and justice in terms of food, cloths, shelter, , education, justice, health & wealth disaster to achievement and all belongs to our human rights


Social Justice and Equity:
We will work as NGOs to promote equality, dignity and more just society, especially with regard to the poor and marginalised.


Promoting the aims and purpose of the United Nations and its system among the various societies of the different states in India, Organization is actively working for the social development of Rural and tribal communities, Working in Education, Health, Child, Women development program and Human Rights, Working with Universities through out the world for social development of poor communities for their better future in Education, Health, Agriculture, Environment and Economic development and protect their Human Rights.

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  • Almost all countries, regardless of how progressive, have a history of mistreating women. To p

  • Perhaps no other word evokes more emotion than “mother.” Mothers shape our destiny

  • Food that is nutritious is a safety net for all of the children who will make up this country&